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12 Things Ladies Do That Turns Guys Off But They Probably Don’t Know

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women actually believe a man should be okay with everything
about them and what they bring into a relationship .

What they don’t know is that men have lot’s of reservations but
instead of voicing out, they rather bow out. If you want to keep
your man, then note these things

1. Long Fingernails

Women will say they dress to impress, but with fake long nails?
That’s something most men hate, we love it natural and will be
better if you grow your own nails and shape them properly.
Keeping it too long doesn’t look nice to us and worse of all, it
gets in all the wrong places when we’re making out.

2. Perfume Overdose

Trying to smell like heaven becomes hell when it is abused. It will
be better to tone it down.

3. Being Too Desperate

That practically scares the hell out of us. Relax let’s move the
relationship one step at a time.

4. Being Dumb
No man will want none of that. It is not always about our
opinion, we sometimes want you to argue and make some
intelligent submissions.

5. Talking About Your Ex

Now that is a direct turn off for us. There is no compromise with

6. Being Cheap

Not necessarily about sex but when you don’t know where to
draw the line between being overly friendly with guys or walking
immediately to any man who calls you. That’s being cheap and it
is a big turn-off for most men.

7. Being Like His Mother

Trying to take charge of everything in his life like you gave birth to
him is something no man likes and it is a big turn off. Little advises
are welcomed from time to time but when you take it to the next
level where you want him to do as you say, get angry and tell him
off for something he didn’t do or giving him a list of dos and

8. Being In Charge In The House

In his life, you’re his partner, not the president and not the queen,
using princess and queen is just literal and doesn’t mean you
should act like it and treat him like a slave.

9. Being Rude

Obviously, you should know.
10. Chameleon Lifestyle
One minute you’re nice, the next minute you’re angry and you
apologise, yet within a twinkle of an eye, you’re at it again. No
man likes that.

11. Playing Hard To Get

By now you should know most men hate this and the reason why
you probably lost a couple of good guys. If you like him and he
comes forward and you’re single, what stops you from accepting
his proposal? Remember, whiles you’re playing the cat and mouse
game with him, another woman is ever ready to take up the

12. Gossiping

It is negative for us, outright. There is nothing more embarrassing
than having people tag your woman as a gossip who can’t keep
her mouth out of other people’s business.

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